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Diane Simmons is the author of numerous works of award-winning fiction, non-fiction and criticism.  A Ph.D. in English literature, she is a professor English at City University of New York. 

At present she is most in love with:

- her essay on Czech dissident Vaclav Havel – Principles You’re Making a Killing on Them!”-- newly published In NOWHERE magazine.  While Havel is revered in the U.S., he is almost universally despised in the Czech Republic. 

Living in Prague as a Fulbright Fellow, she decided to find out why that was.

-her novel-in progress, based on a true story about three desperate young people—including a 16-year-old girl trying to care for a sick mother and seven hungry kids—who hope to get rich by emulating the Lindbergh kidnapping.  (Did you ever do so much research you got overwhelmed and put it on the shelf?  Then along came lockdown saying: Write it! Now!)

-her political and climate activism in Maplewood, NJ with SOMAACTION, Empower NJ, Reclaim Our Vote, and other progressive groups.  Most important work at this writing:  fighting an attempt to re-instate voter suppression in Georgia.   Also: the effort to stop new fossil fuel projects in the state.